I enjoy seeing photographs or reading almost anything about The Ramones, but it is specially satisfactory when a written piece is done well with a true sense of understanding of punk music, this is just the case in what Maggie has written about the band, she is also very good at capturing the bands spirit in photos.”

-Arturo Vega
RAMONES Creative Director, 2001

Just days after her 14th birthday, Maggie St.Thomas was already a published photographer and photo-journalist with her first two-page feature in Angry Thoreauan Magazine. She continued to document the Los Angeles Anarchy punk and Goth music scenes with her Nikon 4004 35mm-film camera before photographing her all-time favorites, The Ramones in 1995!


Since 1994, the photographic and journalistic works of Maggie St.Thomas have graced the pages and covers of more than 300 print publications like High Times and Rolling Stone Magazine, both national and international books including Italian import RAMONES Blitzkrieg Rock & Art (English and Italian), and have been featured in music videos including Sublime’s video for “Boss DJ – Acoustic Version”, animated by Andrew William Ralph. Track taken from the album ‘Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends’.


Shortly after the birth of her twin sons in Summer 2002, Maggie completed her studies at Cal State Fullerton for Criminal Investigation in the Forensic Sciences, Private Investigation, and Undercover Surveillance. In the Summer of 2017, she obtained her license and certification with CANA (Cremation Association of North America) and currently works in the Death Care Industry as a full-time Crematory Operator. You can still find her work published at Janky Smooth and Jerk Of All Trades Magazine.


Maggie is presently working on publishing her first book of photography spanning 4 decades of photographs in live music entertainment.